Share Your February Wins

Submitted by tpf_kirsty on Tue, 2016-02-02 09:31

Hello everyone!  How is your week going, any nice wins to report?  Here we are, one month through 2016 already, can you believe it?  Christmas seems like it was a lifetime ago already, as January has run way with me in a blur of sorting through junk, planning for my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday and getting back into school clubs and commitments.  I really haven’t had much comping mojo the last month if I am honest, but that being said I still managed to win six lovely prizes over the course of the month:


  • A surprise six month subscription to Little Passports, from Primary Times
  • Some free cheese, form Wyke Farms on Twitter
  • A case of 9Bars, from their Facebook nomination comp
  • A Peanuts Movie goodie bag, from Tesco Opticians on Facebook
  • A Teletubbies phone, from a Twitter Party
  • A New South Wales hamper, from a photo competition with Expedia on Twitter


Of the pries I managed to win last month the Little Passports subscription is probably my favourite.  The fun programme sends your child activities and interesting souvenirs form a particular country each month, promoting geographical learning as well as some great online games.  It is something I have looked at in the past but never been able to justify the cost, so this was a really lovely surprise win to have come through the door – I am sure my girls will love it!

Let’s have a look now at what everyone else has been winning during one of the driest months of the comping year:

Joan had a slow start to the winning bagging herself a DVD and cinema poster from Absolute Radio, but picked up later in the month winning another DVD from Saga on facebook – perfect prizes for the rubbish winter weather!  Rudders had a warming start to the year by winning a Vimto cuddle set from their daily competition, and BarbaraEllen had a great first month of the year by winning some posh shampoo from House & Garden as well as a mug and some soup from the instant win comp from Tesco.  Kslade won a surprise gift in the Snoopy daily instant win as well as a £25 voucher for Hilton in their instant win Facebook game, and kieranawjw won the second day of the Delicious Advent competition, which was a top of the range food processor worth £199!  EmlaPrice only started comping at the end of last year and has already had a great win of two tickets to Thriller Live from Delia Online – what a great start to a fun new hobby!  JoanneMinky reported some fab prizes for January including a book from Cheshire Life magazine, a craft kit from Sew Magazine and a case of 9Bars from their advent competition.  Goatinaboat had a fabulous sounding January by bagging such lovely wins as a bottle of wine, a reindeer bath towel, a Slim-fast seven day trial, a thermometer and a Teletubbies toy!  VillageFox managed to cheer themselves up during a cold start to the year by winning a bundle of novels, a latter cake, a Kiekis set and a MAM breastfeeding and sterilising set – what a fab haul!  Dig76 had a prize win this month that I would really like to have won; a weekend in London including hotel accommodation, transport and all food and drink – a prize worth about £1,000, what a super way to start the year!

Seems like lots of people have been winning on the instant win comp from Tesco & Cross & Blackwell this month.  You get five chances every day to try and win yourselves a nice microwaveable soup mug and a tin of soup – but I still cannot get a win on this!  If you haven’t tried it yet pop over to their page here and try your luck – the comp runs until 1st March 2016 so let us know how you get on!

I think the fastest prize delivery last month has to go to Argos for the fabulous prize Goatinaboat won from them in their Twitter comp.  When asked what they needed to enjoy the big year of sport they asked for a bike!  This turned out to be the winning entry and Argos promptly delivered a shiny new bike the very same day – now that’s good promoter customer service!

Let us all know how you get on with February’s comps by commenting below with your wins.  Don’t forget to upload a photo of your wins too for a chance to win a £50 voucher here. 

I look forward to hopefully being able to share more of my own wins next month, and to reading all about yours! 

Happy comping everyone, and lots of Lucky dust to you all!

Kirsty x


Submitted by kayaaaa on Tue, 2016-02-02 17:05


I Won the cineworld cinemas comp for a free ipad mini and a movie poster from spotlight thee film signed by the actors. Probably one of the best prizes I have ever won. SOOOOOO excited. Happy comping guys.

Submitted by goatinaboat on Tue, 2016-02-02 20:04


Great start to the month, I had a second win on the Wamo app, this time winning a £50 Cotswold Outdoors voucher. Followed by a Twitter notification from Debbie and Andrews sausages, letting me know I'd won a years supply of their sausages. I won yesterday and the vouchers promptly arrived in the post today, random, but a fab prize!

Submitted by villagefox on Wed, 2016-02-03 10:40


Good wins to start off February:
- Shaun the Sheep goodies won by my son in a children's magazine
- a copy of Waiting for Call Back (Maximum Pop Books - Twitter)
- The Body Coach Recipe Book (Mummies Bingo - Twitter)
- Peppa Pig book bundle and CD (Ladybird Blog)

Submitted by Lish2013 on Fri, 2016-02-05 19:17


I finally won a Crosse&Blackwell soup and mug, on the ASDA one, first win for Feb.

Submitted by kate4321 on Sat, 2016-02-06 09:01


I won on the Wychwood wheel of Misfortune not once, but weirdly 3 times in one week. I won two sets of Hobgoblin pens and a oven glove.

Submitted by pwilson44 on Sat, 2016-02-06 12:53


A pillow from The Fine Bedding Company which has just arrived, won it on an advent comp but had to chase it up

Submitted by Sian6484 on Wed, 2016-02-10 21:18


Been comping for a week and won a two night stay for two at the Sidmouth Harbour Hotel, inc dinner and breakfast both days. How cool is that?! So thrilled

Submitted by kayaaaa on Fri, 2016-02-12 14:28


so far this month won a ipad mini, kenwood dishwasher , £10 mns voucher , some slippers and a vip treatment at vue cinemas for screening of a film. :) happy comping

Submitted by lelicta on Tue, 2016-02-16 22:22


I received an email notification on 26th December from Good Housekeeping competition regarding a prize that I won : festive hamper.
It's February and I still didn't received the prize.
Good Housekeeping claims it's sponsor's responsibility exclusively, so I've contacted the sponsor but I didn't received any answer.

They should choose the sponsors more carefully and assume the responsibility as long they notify the winners and the prizes are on their website.

I am very disappointed and I will never apply to a contest on their website.

Submitted by laura44v on Thu, 2016-02-18 11:03


After nothing so far this month... had a WEM telling me that I've won a PS Vita (YES!!!) from a competition ran by the Daily Express back in December.


Submitted by pwilson44 on Fri, 2016-02-19 22:07


A set of Edge Of Belgravia knives and block from a blog comp, really pleased with these as they are a quality set I could never have afforded to buy

Submitted by villagefox on Sat, 2016-02-20 08:50


This month has continued to be kind even though I have been away on holiday:
- £50 Amazon voucher from the PrizeFinder (winning story for January)
- a pack of Pampers baby wipes (Twitter)
- £20 Wilko voucher (local newspaper)
- Ride Along 2 merchandise pack (Twitter)
- A children's book (Twitter)
- The Maze Runner Boxset (Twitter - FindAnyFilm)
-Twitter party winner with TSB - not sure of the prize (Twitter - Tots 100)
- current total with Walkers crisps (9 t-shirts, 1 serving bowl and still no football!)
- still not won with the soup cups :(

Submitted by Prodigal on Sat, 2016-02-20 18:02


Have taken a few weeks off to recover from the pre-Christmas onslaught!
But have managed to win a lovely Mohair throw from Brush's Broom Cupboard, with Cornwall Living, the 'Leaf' ring in the Great British Life, Valentines ( advent ) and a soup cup!

Submitted by superduperlauz on Mon, 2016-02-22 22:03


Over £50 bundle of OXO Tots stuff
Over £50 bundle of Squiggle Stationery
x2 Crufts Tickets
Soup Mug from Tesco
Pamper set including 3 bottles of vodka, face masks, sweets etc
Bar of Chocolate
So far won but not received 3 footballs and 2 serving bowls from Walkers Promotion